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The nature of Almaty region is striking diversity. There are high mountains covered with caps of eternal glaciers, deep lakes, endless deserts. And there are plenty of reserves and national parks. We offer to go to one of the national parks, namely to Altyn-Emel.

The name Altyn-Emel has Mongolian roots and is translated as “golden saddle”. According to the existing legend, in the summer of 1219 the troops of Genghis Khan moved through this valley to conquer Central Asia. Seeing the mountains covered with yellowed grass at sunset, the great commander exclaimed: “Golden saddle” If you look closely, the Altyn-Emel pass really looks a lot like a saddle.

Flora has 634 plant species, of which 41 are rare, 29 are endemic, and 22 are listed in the Red Book. In the forests grow poplar turanga, dzhida and various types of shrubs. In the desert there are parts of the forest of black saxaul, and on the slopes of the Singing Dune – thickets of white saxaul.

In Altyn-Emel is famous for the richness of the animal world. The mammal fauna has more than 50 species, among which such rare as the snow leopard, wild cat-manul, Central Asian otter, stone marten. Altyn-Emel is one of the few places in the country where gazelles, argali, mountain goats tau-teke and kulans freely walk. Kulans lived here for many centuries, but were completely destroyed by the 70s of the 20th century. Rent and hire a car for traveling in Kazakhstan in Vladex car rental. Choose a car to rent for a trip to Altyn-Emel.


Published on: 15.05.2019 в 17:30

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