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Car rental in Almaty and Nur-Sultan (Astana) Traveling on our cars, travel bloggers

Choose a rental, car rental in Almaty and Nur-Sultan (Astana) in Vladex car rental.

Our car rental Vladex in Almaty and Nur-Sultan (Astana) is very popular in Kazakhstan among travel bloggers from around the world. Below in the video, the vlog of our customers who traveled in Kazakhstan in our car and were impressed by the nature of the Kazakh land and the diversity of landscapes. Our company, in turn, provided a reliable car who didn’t fail them on the road.

Why is Vladex car rental so popular among travel bloggers from around the world?

Managers of the company are fluent in English and know all the nuances of paperwork for foreigners.

The company provides rental cars with the right to drive not only in the city of Almaty or Nur-Sultan (Astana) but throughout the territory of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. This is a big plus for tourists and residents of the country, as Vladex car rental is the only company in which you can take a modern car in perfect technical condition with the right to drive throughout Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

All cars of the company are fully insured, all that you risk is your deposit in case of an accident.


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  • Татьяна
    Автор: Татьяна Добавлено August 19, 2019 в 12:58

    Спасибо большое я давно искала подобное!

  • Юлия
    Автор: Юлия Добавлено August 21, 2019 в 17:09

    Давно искала подобное, спасибо очень интересно!


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