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Promotion for Astana from Vladex car rental. Rent a car for a trip to “Borovoye Lake” WITHOUT LIMITS ON RUNNING! Before the action at the rate of “rent throughout Kazakhstan,” the company provided 300 km of travel for a day. Further 30 tg 1 kilometer rerun.

Kazakhstan is rich in natural beauty and is considered an ideal place for travel lovers. It is even more convenient to travel with Vladex car rental, as our company provides rental cars for traveling all over Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. From June 25, 2019, the action WITHOUT LIMITING TO LAKE BOROVOE takes place.

You can choose a car for rent on our website v-prokat.kz, book and go on a trip without worrying about the rerun!

Borovoye Lake is the leader of tourism in Kazakhstan. Not only residents of Kazakhstan, but also tourists from all over the world come to the lake. The main feature of the resort, of course, is the diverse nature, a beautiful combination of forest, high mountains and clear lakes. On the lake is one of the oldest pine forests, which is more than 150 years old. Very clean mountain air and healing air of coniferous forests has a beneficial effect. The main attractions of this area are the Sinyukha mountain – the highest point on the Burabai massif and the whole of Kokshetau.

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