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All you need to travel is a rental car.

Car rental in Almaty and Nur-Sultan (Astana)

This article is about the benefits of traveling by car, so let’s start!

1.You can decide when and where to go

No need to rush to train or bus. You can wake up whenever you want and be driving as much as you want. The company will provide you with a comfortable car for rent for traveling all over Kazakhstan, which will not let you down on the road.

2.Your trip requires much less planning.

It gives you a feeling of freedom to stay longer if you like this place, and leave earlier if you don’t like it. Plus, on our website v-prokat.kz, in the TOURS GUIDE section, you can choose a TOUR and go on a trip to the beautiful sights of Kazakhstan by clicking just a couple of buttons, an integrated map will pave the route to your desired location.

3.You can spend less money on food

A car can save you a lot of dollars, because you can buy food in supermarkets in the area, where prices are much lower.

In addition, traveling by car allows you to prepare your own food, as you can bring a stove and live in campsites. No need to go to expensive restaurants; You can cook delicious vegetables and grilled sausages!

4.You can spend less money on living

Traveling by car, you can live in campsites (tents). Camping at least twice cheaper than the cheapest hotel. If you still want to live in hotels, you can choose cheaper (but not worse!) In the countryside.

5.You can visit many more attractions.

Many places of interest (ruins, museums, mountains, etc.) are located away from roads with frequent public transport, and some are not at all accessible to public transport.

The car allows you to visit as many interesting places as you want and where you want. You will spend much less money to visit everything you want by car than by public transport. Choose a rental car, rent a car Vladex.

6.You can take a lot more stuff with you.

When you travel by car, you take everything you need. You can install a solar battery on the roof of the car so that you can charge laptops and mobile phones if it is sunny, even if you are not driving at the moment.

7.You can bring an electric oven for cooking and everything you need.

You feel much safer in the car.

It may happen that your journey takes you to unsafe places with stray dogs or unfriendly people.

8.Your budget may be significantly reduced if you split expenses.

Imagine that four of you are traveling, you decide to rent a car instead of using public transport. And even if renting a car and paying for fuel can turn into big money, if there are four of you, and you share all the expenses by four people, it will certainly be cheaper.

Car rental in Almaty and Nur-Sultan (Astana)



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