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We rented 3 renault dusters for nearly 14 days (April 2019) we picked them in Almaty and returned in Astana, as far as I know, this is the only car rental that provides such a service. The service provided by Nick in general was absolutely professional and very helpful, fluent English, very positive approach and he helped us with info where to travel, how to deal with possible car accidents and he was on phone 24/7 in case we needed a help (we gladly used this opportunity). The rent contract was in English and highly professionally written. We managed to get one little scratch on the car and the communication with the company when we were returning the cars was very professional, sum we paid for the little damage was very reasonable and low. I highly recommend this company, for me unexpectadly superb and professional. Go for it!!!

Опубликовано: 30.04.2019 в 09:29

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