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$ 429.8 т 507.5 т 5.6 т


Very happy with our rental from Vladex. Arranging the car is a little time consuming as it all takes place over email. That said, the vehicle was as described and there were no hidden costs. We were met at the airport and getting the car was simple. Drop off was the same, even at 530am! We rented and returned the car in Almaty at the airport in January 2020.
Couple of things to keep in mind:
1. Deposit is paid in cash (USD to EUR is the preference) when you pickup the car.
2. You need to have working phone upon arrival to figure out where the manager is.
3. Accept that you will pay the 2000KZT cleaning fee at drop off and have that in cash.
4. The rental itself can be paid with a credit card and the manager will have a machine with him.
5. Follow the traffic laws, there are cameras everywhere.

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