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Kensu gorge and Kensu river is little known to Almaty people. Travel companies in this area do not organize routes, the gorge is familiar only to hunters and fishermen. You can rent a car, rent it for a trip to the Kensu Gorge in the Vladex car rental. More recently, a private hunting farm have operated in the gorge. The barriers are pulled down, the rangers’ house, the road that was very bad to this place, was leveled in some places. The large gorge turned into a huge pasture and became a wonderful place for tourists and locals who love the beauty of nature. The climate in Kensu in the summer is warm, in the piedmont part is hot, in the daytime temperatures can rise to 30+, at night, on the contrary, nights can be very cold, so keep in mind and take warm clothes with you even in summer if you are traveling overnight. In the gorge in the middle part on the northern slopes there are small spruce forests. The southern slopes in the zone of alpine meadows are covered with thick juniper bushes. At an altitude of 1700-2800 meters, there is a belt of coniferous forests with subalpine meadows, alpine meadows with rare bushes are stuffed above 2800 meters.

There are a lot of different animals in the Kensu gorge, knowingly the hunters love this place very much, there are such animals as gray marmots, squirrels, snow leopards, lynxes, martens, brown bears, deer, roes, mountain goats, argali, wolves, deer, boars, there is a naked osman in the water.

When choosing a car for rent, rent for a trip to the Kensu gorge, you should take into account that you don’t have to get there by car, and you need at least a beauty rental, Almaty rental or jeep for a trip


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