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The weather in the Ketmen mountains is changing rapidly: an unexpectedly cold downpour, or a sultry heat will come. In the foothills, there may be full bloom of trees, and on the shadowy slopes and peaks even in summer there will be snow. But temperature fluctuations will not prevent anyone who wants to enjoy the silence of nature and walk along the animal paths of these mountains. For this when planning your trip, keep in mind and take with you raincoats and hats. The mountains have a relatively close distance to Almaty, but few are visited by tourists. That is why this place of nature has retained its pristine beauty. Ketmen is a Tien Shan mountain range. Its length is about 300 kilometers. The highest point of the mountain is 3638 meters. The peaks of the mountain range are mostly flat, surrounded by steep slopes and deep gorges. The foot of Ketmen is covered with a wall of vegetation. In the middle part there are pristine spruce forests, among which are magnificent high-mountain meadows. Capricorns, red deer, roes, wild boars inhabit the mountains of Ketmen, and the most rare representative of this region is the Tien Shan brown or white clawed bear. There are trout in the rivers. In dry weather, you can go on a passenger car, but because of the instability of the weather it is better to go by car with a high suspension. Choose a rental car for rent in Ketmen.


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