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Singing dune

Have you ever heard the sands sing? Not? So you did not see the “singing sand dune” in Kazakhstan. “Akkum-Kalkan” (translated from the Kazakh language “singing dune”) is a natural landmark, which was included in the world shortlist “7 New Wonders of Nature” and one of the most mystical places in Kazakhstan. What is famous for this sand dune.

The singing ram is the pearl in the crown of the famous Kazakh reserve “Altyn-Emel”. Currently, the Singing Dune is listed as the 7 Wonders of Kazakhstan and has the official status of a state natural monument of republican significance. The 150-meter-long sand dune stands alone in the desert near the small river Ili between the two ridges of the Dzungarian Alatau – Kysty-Kalkan (Small Kalkan) and Ulken-Kalkan (Big Kalkan). The length of the dune is about 3 km. Around – only stony desert, covered with saxaul and small bushes.

In this area, almost always strong wind blows Shilik. It was thanks to him that a mountain of sand was formed: for thousands of years the wind raised clouds of sand dust from the banks of the Ili River and stubbornly carried them in one direction. But the Big and Small Kalkans stood in his way – and, having flown on this barrier, the wind weakened and sank the sand, and here a huge sand dune grew, the crests of which reach 600-650 m. And, unlike other desert dunes , Akkum-Kalkan is a “homebody”: it, despite the fluctuation of sand, the slope of the plain and constantly blowing strong winds, does not wander, but remains in its place.

However, it is possible to “play” on the sand dunes to anyone who is not lazy to climb his crest and go down the northern slope. The rise, of course, cannot be called light: the angle of inclination of the slope reaches 45 degrees, the sand under your feet is constantly crumbling, and even the wind strives to interfere by blowing directly into your face and rushing with sand! But at the end of the road, all those who overcome the road will receive a reward: a stunning view from the ridge of the barchan to the Ili valley in the south, blue-lilac ridges of the Dzungarian Alatau in the north, and mountains in the west and east … then you will hear mysterious and mystical sounds reaching right from the depths of the sandy mountain, resembling either the roar of an airplane or the roar of a dragon.

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Published on: 23.05.2019 в 13:33

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