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Lake Issyk

Lake Issyk was restored after a devastating mudslide, which took place in the early 1990s. The lake is one of the most popular recreation places for Almaty residents and residents of the nearest settlements.

Lake Issyk is located in the Issyk gorge of the Trans-Ili Alatau, east of Almaty. Height above sea level more than 1700 meters. According to geological data, it was formed about 8-10 thousand years ago as a result of a grand mountain fall that created a natural dam.

Before the destructive mudflow, which descended from the mountains in 1963, the length of the lake is 1850 meters, width – 500 meters, depth – up to 80 meters. Today the size of the lake is about two times smaller.

The lake is surrounded by rocks, forests, alpine meadows. Almost all types of flora grow here. There are several plants listed in the Red Book – the Kungei feather grass, Adonis gold, Archa Cossack, Shrenk spruce, edelweiss and others.

The water in the lake is cold and clean. There is a rainbow trout fish that lives in flowing or spring water. In the mountains, there are more than 150 species of birds and almost 30 species of mammals, including deer, ibex, wolves, lynxes, bears and leopards.

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Published on: 15.05.2019 в 17:03

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