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The “Markakol” Natural Reserve

The “Markakol” Natural Reserve. Hire, rent a car in Kazakhstan on Lake Markakol – one of the most beautiful lakes in Kazakhstan. It is located at an altitude of 1447 m above sea level. The nature around the lake is fascinating at first sight. It is surrounded by dense forests, since the lake is located in mountainous areas, partly the shores of the lake are cut off by steep slopes, and in some places are covered with meadows. Markakol Lake is located in the Markakol Basin, surrounded by the Kurchumsky and Azutau ridges.
The lake itself has an oval-elongated shape from north-east to south-west. The length of the lake is 38 km, a width of 19 km, an area of ​​455 square meters. km, depth about 14 m. From the lake flows the river Kaljir.
In bright sunlight, Lake Markakol acquires a bright blue or blue color, and when the weather changes, during rains or snowfalls, the lake becomes gray-black or silver. The water in the lake is clear and clean. In winter, the lake freezes. Icing begins around the 20th of November. The thickness of the ice on the lake reaches 60-120 cm.
The lake and its adjacent territories were declared a reserve on August 4, 1976. The total area of ​​the reserve is 71.3 thousand ha. On December 11, 2007, the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan expanded the reserve to 102,979 thousand hectares.
The purpose of the reserve was to protect and preserve nature, meadows, taiga, and mountain forests on the slopes of the Altai mountains in the area of ​​Lake Markakol. The plant world of the lake includes more than 700 species of plants. The fauna of the reserve includes about 55 species of mammals, including elk, red deer, brown bear, wild boar, wolf, wolverine, sable, mink and snow leopard.
The water world of the reserve is no less rich and diverse. The lake is inhabited by acceleu, grayling, loach and many other rare species of fish. Also on the lake there are many rare species of birds: black stork, hazel grouse, partridge, skittle, kestrel, etc. In order to preserve these rare species of animals and birds, a reserve was opened.
Today, many tourists visit Lake Markakol to enjoy the pristine nature and see one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in Central Asia. Car rental in Almaty and Nur Sultan for traveling in Kazakhstan.

Published on: 22.08.2019 в 16:16

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