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Renting a car, renting to travel around Kazakhstan is easy in the Vladex car rental. The territory of the Casal-arai massif is large, 15 to 25 kilometers. Like Bektau-Ata, these mountains are the remains of an ancient volcano, only unlike Bektau, the volcano was active here. The mountains are composed mainly of igneous and sedimentary rocks, among which porphyrites, granites, quartzites, sandstones, and shales predominate.The intermountain valleys and slopes are covered with dense pine forests, and the flat areas are occupied by birch groves. In the Kazylarai mountains there is the highest point of the entire Sary-Arka region – Aksoran mountain, whose crown is located at around 1565 meters. That is why this mountain range is called the Roof of the Steppes.

The main attraction in this area is the local history archeological and ethnographic museum located in the village of Aktogay. The most amazing thing is that this museum has the most unique exhibits. In addition to the antiquities obtained during the excavation, there is one exhibit in it, which has no analogue anywhere else. This stuffed extinct half a century ago, the Turan tiger, who was also called the Transcaucasian or Balkhash tiger. This subspecies was distinguished by a bright red color and also by the length of the bands: they were longer and had a brownish tint.

The climate in Kyzyllaray is located far from the oceans and seas, the Siberian anticyclone and the Arctic air masses freely circulate here, so the climate here is dry and sharply continental. The winter is cold, the average January temperature is – 14 … -18 degrees, the maximum is -40 and below. Summer is dry, hot, the average July temperature is +20 … + 24 degrees, maximum +35.

Intermountain valleys are a steppe with small islands of birch groves. Each such grove is surrounded by young shoots, as well as thick, sometimes impassable shrubs, most often consisting of wild rose, hawthorn, raspberry, honeysuckle, meadowsweet and currant. Juniper grows on the rocky slopes, also called juniper. But the basis of the plant world comes from pines.

Many believe that argali live only here, in the mountains of Tien Shan. But this is far from the case – the main population of the mountain sheep lives far away from the Tien Shan, in the Kyzylarai mountains. The fauna of Kyzylarai is rich and diverse. In addition to the aforementioned orkhars, in the mountains and environs, live Komul, saiga, wild boars, wolves, foxes, hares, ermines, corsacs, badgers, ferrets, marmots, muskrats. Birds include bustards, black grouse, partridges, geese, pelicans, herons, gulls, etc.


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