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Karkaralinsk is the second significant resort place in our country after Borovoye. There are mountain forests, deep lakes made this village a Mecca of tourism not only for the residents of Karaganda, but also for the whole of Kazakhstan.

The middle mountains of Central Kazakhstan (the highest point is Mount Aksoran – 1565 meters – located in the mountain range Kyzylarai) is called Sary-Arka or the Kazakh low-mountain peak. This is one of the most ancient and large mountain systems of our planet. Its length from west to east is 1,200 km, from north to south 600 kilometers. The ancients called these mountains Scythian. The mountain ranges of the Kazakh small mountain range are called mountain-forest oases. Most of the intermontane plains of the Kazakh small mountain range are rather steppes, much less often stony deserts, and only on the southern outskirts there are small patches of sandy deserts with low sand dunes. Intermountain plains occupy more than 40% of all areas of the Kazakh Hills. In the north-east of Sary-Arka there is Karkaraly National Park.

Karkaraly National Natural Park was organized on December 1, 1998. Located in the eastern part of the Karaganda region, 200 kilometers from the city of Karaganda. The park area is 90.3 thousand hectares.

The flora of Karkaraly Park includes about 244 plant species. This is three times more than in the adjacent steppe zone. Of these, five are listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan: Karkaraly barberry, sphagnum smooth, Kyrgyz birch, thin mock and spring adonis. You can get on any car, but if you want to move through the mountains it is better to choose a jeep. Choose a rental car and rent to travel to Karkaragalin.


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