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Temirlik River

The canyon of the Temirlik River is not as grandiose as its neighbor, the Charyn Valley of Castles, and is not as popular among the townspeople. But this is what has its own charm: there you can find many secluded corners where the tourist has not yet walked. The small river Temirlik is a right tributary of the Charyn River. It originates in the highlands of the Ketmen ridge. Below, where Temirlik escapes from the embrace of the mountain gorge of the same name, the river then flows widely and freely, the cliffs squeeze the riverbed – the stream becomes turbulent, then there are rapids that even water sportsmen cannot overcome.

For millions of years, the river Temirlik is a problem in a steppe canyon at the foot of the Ketmen mountain range. Like the Valley of Castles, the canyon of the Timirlik River is a whole ensemble of “palaces”, “towers” and “minarets”. The current shape of the gorge was about a million years ago. On the slopes there are numerous fossils dating back to the Lower Carboniferous (about 300 million years ago). Everyone knows the grove of relic ash, located in the floodplain of the Charyn River. But few people know that such trees, however, not in such large numbers, grow, and in the canyon of the river Temirlik. The climate is sharply continental. The average temperature is about +5 degrees, the coldest month (January) is about -6 degrees, the warmest is +27 degrees.

Landscape diversity causes an abundance of flora and fauna. The valley of the river is covered with thickets of willow, sucker, barberry, chingil and tamarisk.

There are many animals – fox, corsac, hare, mountain goat, weasel, ermine, jerboa, stone marten. The world of birds is diverse – an eagle owl, a golden eagle, a bearded man, a snake eagle, a vulture, a Saker Falcon, a shahin, a burial ground and an eagle-dwarf. There are lizards – Alai gologlaz, agama, gray gecko – and snake – moth, patterned and multi-colored snakes, as well as water snakes.

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    Давно искала подобное, спасибо очень интересно!


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