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Boguty Mountains

At the end of the Roman period, the Boguty mountain range was a large active volcano. Millions of years have passed, volcanic activity ceased. Numerous hot springs and traces of white eruptions. Rent a car to travel to Boguty.

Today the Boguty Mountains represent two small massifs of Bala and Ulken Boguty, located in the Zaili valley, between the rivers Chilik and Charyn. The maximum height of the mountains is 1441 and 1816 meters above sea level. The mountains are rocky, the gorge is mostly narrow, difficult to pass. There are no permanent rivers and streams, but there are about two dozen springs.

In the distant geological past, active mountain building took place on the territory of modern Southeast Kazakhstan. In the Triassic period (it ended approximately 252 million years ago) the mountains, which are the forerunners of the modern Tien Shan, grew here. At that time, there were powerful eruptions of a volcano, on the site of which today are the Boguty Mountains. This is indicated by the numerous clumps of petrified volcanic ash and frozen lava flows, the time for which stopped even before the appearance of dinosaurs.

The climate is sharply continental, very hot summer and harsh winter. It is better to go on a crossover or jeep. Choose a rental car for rent in Boguty.


Published on: 15.05.2019 в 16:54

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