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Wooden Lake

I think almost all men from childhood love fishing and hunting, renting a car, renting for a fishing trip is easy, in the Vladex car rental.

In Almaty and in Kazakhstan in general, there are a lot of places where you can go fishing. Now we will analyze one of the places which is located not far from the city of Almaty and is called “Wooden Lake”. The lake was formed in the last century, and very deep, more than one diver could not reach the bottom of the depression. Earlier on the site of the lake was an ash grove, ancient trees still rise to their full height at the bottom. The coast has a great hunting potential, because there are a lot of animals in this area, and there is a lot of fish in the reservoir itself: carp, silver carp, grass carp, catfish weighing up to 200 kg. The climate in this area is continental, the winter is moderately mild, the average temperature in January is -4 degrees, but it is not uncommon and frosts down to -40. Summer is hot, the average summer temperature is +28 degrees. To go to the lake in dry weather is possible on any car. But in the period when it rains, it is better to go by jeep or not to go at all, since the road becomes impassable even for trucks, not to mention jeeps, as the locals say. Choose a rental car for rent on a wooden lake.


Published on: 15.05.2019 в 15:35

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