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Resorts in the vicinity of Bayanaul attracts tourists with quaint cliffs and colorful landscapes. For those who like to conquer the summit – a lot of mountains for every taste. The necessary equipment for climbing can easily be found at the local. In Bayanaul, there are many rocks with quaint names (“Baba Yaga”, “Stone Feathers”, “Horse Head”, “Dove”) surrounded by an aura of legends. For lovers of excursions there is a tour of the attractions of the park – “the sacred cave”, “stone head”, the stone “manhood”.

Those who prefer a beach holiday will not be disappointed either – three picturesque lakes are waiting for you: Sabyndykol, Dzhasybay and Toraygyr. Catamaran, rowing and motorboat rental available.

Here is the famous Aulie-Tas cave, which attracts both our and foreign tourists. At the western walls of the cave lies a large stone with a recess in the center. According to legend, the water accumulating in this stone has healing properties. It is said that the stone helps women with infertility and helps to conceive a child. Choose a rental car, rent a car Vladex. Three reasons to rent a car, rent for a trip to Bayanaul.

1st reason to take a car for travel.

Bayanaul village and several holiday houses are priced from 1,500 to 30,000 tenge per person per day on the shore of Lake Sabandykol, where you can live and travel.

2nd reason to rent a car, rent for travel.

Clean air, rent a car and go to Bayanaul to breathe clean air and get rid of cough.

3rd Reason to take a car for travel.

In Bayanaul very clean water, where you can swim and sunbathe.

Rent a car in Almaty and Nur-Sultan (Astana) to travel to Bayanaul.


Published on: 15.05.2019 в 14:35

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