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Bartogay reservoir

The amazingly beautiful Bartogai reservoir is not so far away, just 190 km from Almaty in the same tract in the floodplain of the Chilik River between the Toraigyr and Sotetta mountains, partitioned off by a 60-meter high 330-meter high-330 m long stone-dam with a culvert structures.

Bartoagayskoye reservoir was created for the accumulation of water in the winter and the supply of fields in the summer along a 160 km long canal.

The discharge of water from under the dam, the Chilik River carries from July to September for irrigated agriculture. At this time, the capacity of the spillway reaches 100 cubic meters per second, due to which the height of the fountain reaches more than one hundred meters. Streams of water under enormous pressure on the open space and breaking into tiny particles of spray, form a cloud of rainbow-colored dust sparkling in the sun.

There is a lot of fish in the reservoir, so this place is very popular among people who love fishing. And lovers of picnics in the fresh air, can relax in the shade of trees in a small grove, where tables and benches stand specifically for these purposes.

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