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Requirements for the Lessee and the additional drivers.

For Individuals.

  • Minimum age – 21;
  • Driving experience not less than 2 years;
  • Identity card or passport;
  • Driver’s license.

For legal entities.

  • Application for renting a car in writing (in free form, on the company letterhead), which should be sent to our e-mail: v-prokat@list.ru;
  • Certificate of registration of a legal entity, bank details, an extract of egov (for Kazakhstan companyes), a copy of the director’s identity card, an order appointing a director;
  • Power of attorney from the head for the right to sign a lease contract and the act of acceptance and transfer of the car;

Identity card/passport and driver’s license for each person admitted to driving (minimum age of the driver is 21 and driver’s experience is not less than 2 years).
Each additional driver must meet the above requirements. All obligations of the Lessee under the car rental contract before the Lessor apply to each additional driver specified in the power of attorney.

Terms of rent (hire)

The minimum lease term is 24 hours, there are no restrictions on the maximum lease term. The settlement hour (the beginning of the lease) is calculated from the moment of granting the car and signing the lease contract. Exceeding the estimated hour for the return of the car for more than 3 hours, independently of the place of return, is paid as an additional day. There is no hourly charge.

Security deposit

The deposit is paid by the Tenant before the start of the lease. The amount of the deposit depends on the vehicle class and the territory of operation of the vehicle. The deposit is paid in cash only.

If the Lessee respects with all provisions of the lease agreement and the Company’s rules, the deposit is returned at the time of returning of the car.


All tariffs include vehicle maintenance throughout the lease term (except car washing and refueling and repair of defects caused by gross violation of the Lessee’s operating rules), compulsory insurance and full insurance. Depending on the choice, tariffs may include additional services.